Stop saying tomorrow….!!: 10 ways to keep going

Obesity is on the rise, both in children as well as adults. Lockdown, work from home, online classes have got you and the children at your home confined within the houses and paralysed your routine.

Read my blog post, , where I wrote about the causes of obesity and tips to curb the epidemic.

The role of keeping oneself active, with a regular workout or play, in the physical and mental well-being of a child or an adult needs no further emphasis. But getting oneself up and moving can be tough! Agree with me on that??

Children imitate, get inspired, and learn from what the elders around them do. 

This post is particularly for the grown-ups who in their “busy” schedules find it hard to spare time for physical activity.

Continue reading, imbibe the motivation, and let the energy become contagious, and infect the children.

Are you one of those who was on the verge of hitting the gym that week and your plans came crashing down as the lockdown started? And now you find yourself lamenting about the extra pounds gained while being at home and trying out those delicacies showcased by your friend on social media?

Are you one among the many who finds exercise “boring” or are always ready with an excuse for not exercising today and defer it for “tomorrow”?!

What does it take to start with exercise?

An open gym? A fitness tracker! The fitness wear with a new pair of Nike/Adidas shoes! A partner to walk or run with!

Well, none of these is inevitable for you to get started. 

The most important is the will power to get yourself kick-started. Getting started begins within the mind and that is when and where you embark on your fitness journey. 

Here, I share some ways, gathered from watching around and personal experiences, to help you uncover the fitness enthusiast within.

1. Get started today

Push aside all excuses, personal or environmental, and start with that little bit today. Just five minutes of bending and stretching to start with or a mile of casual stroll would do. Stop saying tomorrow!

2. Find your pick

Not everyone finds exercise exciting. Some may find it painful while others find it boring. The muscles get over the pain in a few days, but our mind looks for reasons to avoid pain. Indulge in the form of physical activity that you enjoy and can’t stop doing. 

For you, it may be running, dancing, swimming, or playing your favorite sport.

3. Keep it convenient

If you have to travel 5 miles to run on the treadmill at the gym, the tendency is you easily give in to your resisting mind. 

Instead, running on the trail beside your abode may be at your convenience and something you may not be able to find an excuse for.

4. Staying motivated

Are you someone who started exercising last week and find out it’s been 5 days since you last moved those muscles?? 

Read on…. Identify and address the challenges

Getting too busy with life, exasperated with pain and tiredness or boredom come as hindrances in the way of your fitness routine. Take it one at a time and find a solution. 

If exercise seems boring, play the music that drives you or build a community of friends and family that keeps encouraging you. 

Make use of loads of information on the internet to guide you through specific exercises.

5. Consistency is the key to success

Simon Sinek, an author, and a motivational speaker beautifully puts it in an interview as he speaks about leadership and consistency. I apply it to anything and everything in life. 

“You need to consistently brush your teeth, for a few minutes, every day to keep them clean and strong”. Is this not true with exercising as well? 

You cannot stay in shape by hitting the gym for 10 hours a single day and not going back the rest of the month. Consistency matters. 

Every time you feel tired and defending yourself for skipping your fitness regime, remind yourself of this illustration. I can certainly say, it will ignite your mind and body to get going as it does for me.

6. Don’t make it an “if…., then….” in your schedule

Fix up a routine: don’t keep exercising as an option, an event you will carry out if you can wake up before the sun rises or if you find time after your busy day (or homework in case of a child).

Instead, schedule a time and ensure that you stick to it.

7. Find your support

If you find it difficult to keep going alone, find a companion or a mentor, be it your friend, your parent, your partner, or a physical trainer.

Build a community with like-minded people and keep inspiring one another. 

Letting your friend down by suddenly not showing up at the routine is something you won’t opt for!

8. Make your activity enjoyable 

If none of the physical activity interests you, then choose and start with something feasible and start making it enjoyable in your ways. Some of these ways could be-

       Running to the music that you love

       Walk while you listen to your favorite podcast

       A religious person may brisk walk to the temple/church/mosque at a distance every day instead of taking a ride.

      Walk your dog.

       Go around playing with your kids.

9. Set goals and challenge yourself

       Congratulate yourself for each day’s achievements and plan your goal for the next day. Jot it down in your journal or calendar.

Challenge yourself each day to be better than the previous version of yourself. 

Track your progress with the use of fitness apps.

10. Watch what you eat and drink

Eat healthily, stay hydrated. 

Make a note of the ingredients and the nutritional value of the foods that you savor. Keep a track on the calories burnt by an hour of walking/ running etc. A watch on this limits your craving for the deliciously unhealthy junk consumed.

I hope these tips help you to get started and keep going! Happy exercising 🙂

Leave your comments below. Write to me about your fitness techniques. 

Let me know in what ways you have found my insights useful.

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